Worldwide Web Components

After recognizing that many products at Worldwide group shared a common look when it came to buttons, date-range components, autocomplete boxes and the like, I took it upon myself to break these components into their own project where I could package them as a library and use them everywhere. After speaking with the designer we went back to the basics and designed and built all of the components we would need across all of our different projects and can now view and interact with each component itself on its own dedicated website along with easily importing the project into any future project as a library so we will no longer have any duplication of components across products and feature changes or bug fixes are applied across all projects at the same time.


  • Generic control & flow components
  • Encapsulates client brand design language
  • Easily consumable by other projects as NPM component library
  • Buttons / Calendar / Search autocomplete etc. easily addable to other project with minimal to no styling.
  • CI / CD pipelines automatically update storybook for designer use library packaging for developers


  • React
  • Typescript