Worldwide Customer Portal

I setup the build toolchain to create the progressive web app (PWA) using React, Redux, and Express. Special care was taken to ease the developer experience along with style typing and namespacing to address recurring naming conflicts I had noticed in previous projects. I refactored the project a couple times before I was able to find the perfect design for development velocity and ease, coupled with good performance for the client. After creating the contribution guidelines I noticed that the team able to rapidly build new features while systematically generalizing and hoisting existing functionality to attain a high level of code reuse.


  • JWT Authentication Token
  • User Permission Groups
  • Client side caching built into middleware
  • Client side logic to keep server load low
  • Document Clear-signing (in-house docusign)
  • Ci / CD for automated deploys
  • Redundant containerized microservices for easy scaling.


  • NodeJS
  • React
  • Redux
  • Typescript
  • .Net
  • Webpack